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Tire dilemma..A6 or V710..or even R6 ?

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  • Tire dilemma..A6 or V710..or even R6 ?

    So for next season, i need to get something other than the 235-40/17 w/24.3"diamter and 8.8" treadwidth Hankook Z211 C50 (road race) slicks that I used this past season. I was a good runner, finishing no lower than 4th in SM2 in the 5 events I attended, with the Hankooks. I also used the Hankooks for a few track days at TGP and Road Atlanta and they worked beautifully.
    For the 2009 season, I want something that will be more competitive for me in auto-x, but still allow me to run a few HPDE/track days. I've been looking at the 215-40/17 Kumho V710, which are a bit shorter at 24.1" diameter and has a 8.4" treadwidth, meaning I don't have to raise my car up from running my street tires to clear the 24.3" tire that I do at the moment. Also, the price isn't that bad for a set of new slicks. I've also been looking at the A6 in a 225-40/17, which haas a 23.8" diameter and 8.9" treadwidth. So its, slightly shorter, yet wider than the other two tires. On the downside, it's far more expensive at $237/tire (vs the $182 for the V710).
    Is the A6 going to be that much better for the price and extra width? Can the V710 take mild HPDE/track days or is it better suited for strict auto-x like the A6? Would the R6 still be competitive in auto-x eventhough it's better suited for track days?

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    What is a mild track day? PDX? Just asking because I mean 40 min for PDX, 4 hours for


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      I'd heard that the Hoosiers cycle out faster than the V710s, but that's just what I've heard and should not be considered fact at all. My knowledge comes from a strict autocross-only racing experience, so all I can do is say Kumho. That's the only one of the three you've mentioned that I've actually run. Whether it's the best for your intended purposes, I dunno. Maybe try asking in the tire section on People seem to be liking the Toyo products at the moment. R1R, R888, stuff like that. I know Sport Compact Car swears by the Nitto NT01, and a recent autocross write-up mentioned them being very stable and consistent but slower than the V710s...
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        Don't know if you've tried the tires section at with this one yet, but if not you should.

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          Yeah check out the tires section is one of the few sections there with fairly smart