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Kumho Ecsta XS tires

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  • Kumho Ecsta XS tires

    So the Roadster's gonna need new tires in a few months, and I've started poking around and looking at what's out there. Currently I'm running stock 15" X 6" wheels with 195/50-15 Bridgestone RE-01Rs. The tires have worn well (after I brought the toe down a bit) and have performed admirably, but of course I can't be satisfied with more of the same. I like my sticky tires, but it also needs to handle the occasional torrential downpour we get, so although I was drooling over running a set of Nitto NT01s, I looked at some more conventional street tires.

    From what I can tell, the new Kumho Ecsta XS might be worth a try. It's available in a 205/50-15 instead of the 195/50-15 of the 'stones, but everyone knows the 'stones run wide, so I'm not expecting any huge increase in traction area. They have the same treadwear rating of 180. According to Tirerack the 'stones have a section width of 7.9", while the XSs run 8.4", but unfortunately Tirerack doesn't have a tread width for the XS to compare. Still, if it's a wider section that should mean a slightly wider tread width, right?

    Anyway, the thing that gets my notice is that the XS runs two pounds lighter a tire than the Bridgestones. That'd take me from 34.1 lbs. a corner to 32.1 lbs., which satisfies my "less weight" mantra without having to buy new wheels. Plus they're cheaper, $97 a tire instead of $118.

    Since these were designed to be Falken-killers according to the Kumho people, I have high hopes that they'll be as good as the RE-01Rs.
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    Tires don't make a difference


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      Please tell me you aren't being serious there Simon...

      Originally posted by miata5620
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