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  • ANOTHER window tint thread

    i just wanna ask if anyone knows anywhere local where they have a variety of window tint that i can see before i buy. ive looked at pep boys and autozone but they dont have much variety. im off tommorro so i was thinkin about doing this

    oh yea and has anyone ever put a 99-00 lip on a 01+ bumper? lol
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    Somethings in life are worth paying someone else to do... window tinting is one of them!!!
    Tom Gorman
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      There are multiple kind of tint that many people don't realize; dyed, deposited, sputtered, hybrid, etc. Most shops will only carry dyed, hybrid and metallic.

      Dyed ed film is, as the name suggests, a film that has been dyed to block heat. They are generally applied inside the window. These are often the cheapest tints, and a low-quality dye can fade within months

      Deposited film is another inexpensive process, but slightly more complex than the simple dye. The film is vacuum-sealed in a tank containing metals such as aluminum or nickel. A heated gas in the tank causes these metals to coat the film, creating a dark surface.

      Like deposited film, sputtered film is also created in a vacuum. Sputtering also uses metals, but the process is different. Positive ions are used to bombard the metal at the atomic level. These particles are collected on ultra-clear polyester, or the basic film which is later applied to the window. Sputtered film uses no dyes or pigments, and the metals used generally will not oxidize. Sputtered film is also known for having less reflection, leading to a clearer view.

      A hybrid film is a tint that uses a combination of procedures--generally a dyed film that also uses metals. Hybrid films can generally offer very good heat- and UV-blocking capabilities, but with less reflection and less overall darkness. More light comes in, leading to a window that has less of a tinted look.

      Also be sure to have it done at a shop that offers a lifetime warranty. LB and I have had our windows tinted by Klassy Tint in Riverdale and they do a fantastic job. There is only one other person I'd let tint my car but I can't recall her name off the top of my head. To give you an idea, she's been contracted by Global Imports to tint all their cars when needed.

      FYI, here is the regulations in terms as to what is currently legal.
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        I have used these guys for years. They stand behind their stuff. Over the past 22 years, they have warrantied the tint on my '88 Mustang many times.
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          Sam and I are trying to do it ourselves today, if it turns out well I'm doing it too. ~$20 for two 2x6.5ft 35% rolls of tint. It said it was metallic, but didn't have any of the names mentioned by Bojmir.


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            Make sure you are in a super clean environment (dust or a single strand of hair will destroy the job), take your time, use the sharpest razors money can buy (because tint is like a potato chip bag it tears so damn easy and then you loose 80% the chips to the 5 second rule, buy three more rolls (cause you wont get it right the first time) and then by that time you will have spent almost as much had you just paid someone else to do it. Im not trying to be pessimistic, Im just speaking from experience. I tried to tint the back window on a brand new top - before I even installed it - wasted $80 in tint and material. The same what a local shop wanted to charge me.
            Tom Gorman
            Atlanta Region SCCA Co-Chair
            Car not listed cause it ain't currently a me-otter. [it's a BRZ]