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CA NB1: Maruha F-CAM & RapidTune Piggyback

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  • Stealth97
    What year is your car?

    Edit - nb1 a- that means no sniffer for you. Clear a drive cycle, run a cat, no codes and you’ll be golden.

    IOW, if this thing doesn’t set off a CEL, you will probe just fine.

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  • atlnb
    started a topic CA NB1: Maruha F-CAM & RapidTune Piggyback

    CA NB1: Maruha F-CAM & RapidTune Piggyback

    Looking to gain some knowledge on whether it is possible to pass smog/emissions test on a California NB1 with cams and piggyback from Maruha Motors. It currently has the normal bolt ons: I/H/E and a Racing Beat O2 relocation kit since the motor now has 1 catalytic converters instead of 2.

    Here are the links if anyone is interested/curious.

    I was told Fooschnickens would potentially know, but want to get a group response from the NA tribe.

    Thanks for looking!
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