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    Finally finished the upgrade of the MP62 from the 4-rib belt to the 6-rib. While I was at it I put on a 150mm crank pulley/62.5 mm nose pulley and a bigger throttle body, and yes the internals are all forged.

    ECU is AEM EMS-4, which has mainly been self tuned with a little help from the various forums, Mahdavi Motors, and Mr. Steel.

    Using the Google I found Solo Motorsports in Atlanta that does dyno tuning, although they appear to specialize in German cars. Assume that doesn't really matter and it is probably the ECU type that is more important. Is anyone familiar with them?, or do you have any other shop/tuner recommendations for the AEM?
    MP62 and other speed producing implements

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    If you want to drive to Montgomery Alabama check out Kenny Howard on YouTube or email him at "[email protected]" he has a dyno at his house and does tuning.