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Miata Skunk2 Manifold Install Tips

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  • Miata Skunk2 Manifold Install Tips

    After installing the skunk 2 manifold, I've learned some information that would make the install easier for others.
    There are two Coolant lines coming off the throttle body, one goes to a jacket around the oil filter and one connects near the thermostat. You will need to replace these lines since the throttle body is moved away from the engine. Also on NA's the fuel rail will need to be modified or replaced. To modify it I cut the fuel rail on the red lines as shown in the picture. I ran the return line straight off the fuel pressure regulator, and on the feed line I cut the line on the red lines in the picture and flared it
    Fuel Rail.jpg
    with a brake line flaring tool I rented form AutoZone. Unfortunately, when cutting the feed line the saw bounced and I cut it too short. So I just went ahead and bought an aftermarket fuel rail. But if your on a budget the modification is free since the money for the flare tool is returned when you return the flare tool. You will need to get new fuel lines regardless, 5/16 Is the standard size fuel line recommended by flyin miata, and worked just fine for me. When I went to install the manifold it conteced the starter wiring harness. I had to flip the harness so it was between the starter housing and the engine block, and I coated all the starter connections with a product called liquid electrical tape just to be safe. It will cause a short if you don't flip the harness.
    bolt .jpg
    This is the bolt pattern for the intake manifold. The torque spec is 30 ft/lbs but I highly doubt you will be able to get a torque wrench on the bottom bolts of the manifold. In order to get to the bottom bolts I had to remove the alternator, and the oil filter to get to the bolts. To tighten them I had to use a 12mm racheting cresent wrench. good.jpg
    If you don't have one of these you will not get the manifold on. If you have to option to put the manifold on when the engine is outside of the car do it. Just remerber this was my experince and it might vary from yours. So if you have had differnt experinces or tricks to get this manifold on feel free to reply!