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    I know there are many threads on the subject. But with time prices and variety of options change. I’m not building a track car but more of the perfect daily driver. What would be the most sound option for the buck to lower things about an inch? Not looking to swap wheel/tire combo on my NB1. Just want good handling, good ride, and good looking stance. I know you sacrifice one for another and am willing to give and take on ride quality for handling and looks.

    Basically looking for inexpensive 1” lowering ideas.

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    I love the stance of my FM springs, and my tokiko illumina shocks, but the shocks are not available anymore. I'd go for some FM springs and either konis or bilsteins.
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      I grew up in Canton but live in Alabama now. I was looking at these Koni orange TEIN coilovers. I just wasn't sure how the ride height would be and what it would be worth for the $200.


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        If the shocks are still fresh it could be a decent setup paired with an fm swaybar set (f&r). Fresh bumpstops wouldn't hurt either if they weren't replaced when that setup was put together.
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          I can also vouch for the FM springs. Had them on my 95 NA for almost it's entire life, and they were great.

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            Those Tein springs are decent, a little less firm than the FM springs. The setup you linked to on CL will get you there. Those Koni ST-R shocks I'm ambivalent about.


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              I had FM lowering springs on my NA, and they didn't seem to drop the car very much at all. Of course this was a couple years ago, but with a 15" and a 205/50 tire I still had a decent gap. They helped out handling, but as far as looks go, you might be more content with a cheap set of coilovers. Teins are decent from what I've heard.