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1.6 Miata Vtps Alternative

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  • 1.6 Miata Vtps Alternative

    This is going to be a quick and dirty run through of an alternative I have found for installing a Variable Throttle Position Sensor on a manual 1.6L Miata. It is a less expensive alternative to the FM kit, although not as straight forward, and potentially cheaper than buying an entire 1.6 auto throttle body assembly.

    The sensor I have used here is from a 90-94 Subaru Legacy. I believe they were only delivered with one engine choice so that shouldn't matter. I made a make-shift pigtail off of my sensor but yours doesnt need to be nearly this long and in fact, you can simply de-pin the factory connector and attach them to the pins of this sensor.

    You will need to remove your throttle body for this install. A new gasket is highly recommended to have on hand.

    Tap the inner holes, seen below with drill bits in them, to m4x0.7. That is the size of the factory screws. You will also need to shorten the shaft of the trottle body by about 1/4 inch because the new sensor doesnt have as much internal space.

    The top of the sensor with need to be slightly clearanced as it hangs a little close to the throttle body and the slotted holes will need to be widened slightly with a file or drill as they are a fraction too small to use unmodified.

    Install and run! Calibrate your EMS to suit.
    Pin2-5v Reference (Yellow here)
    pin3- Signal to ECU (Pink here)
    Pin4- Ground (Black here)


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      Very nice. I built a VTPS similar to this from a Wells TPS201 variable tps following a how-to that Ben B did.
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