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    It's not of huge importance but from what I've seen the BP4W is supposed to have forged pistons and rods from the factory. Upon disassembling my engine the pistons are definitely forged but the rods look cast. Was the info wrong or has somebody changed the rods?

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    Factory rods are forged. Thick line = forged, thin line = cast. Don't be confused by the textured surface.

    But, just because they are forged doesn't mean they are very strong. Miata rods are diminutive and are not known for surviving big power or RPM. See my old website for a comparison to a 323 GTX rod.
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      What Randy said. Also all factory pistons are cast, including in the MSMs, so if you have forged pistons someone has had that engine open before. And why someone would install forged pistons and not rods makes no sense on these cars/engines.

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