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PowerStop "Trackday" Pads?

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  • PowerStop "Trackday" Pads?

    These seem to have been released for Miatas (94+) recently, but I haven't found much discussion for them.

    I found some chatter on the Corvette and BMW forums recently, but nothing providing data or much else. I see 5X Racing started to carry them, and their synopsis was very interesting:

    "These pads are special because they bridge a gap between the grippy side of Street/Auto-X compounds (like the Hawk HP+) and the pure race compounds (like the Hawk Blue), which leaves you with a great option for a track day or even a lightweight racecar (Miata) on grippy street or even DOT race tires. These pads compare to something between a Carbotech XP8 and an XP10 compound feel. It differs from those pads though because it also has phenomenal cold braking power starting at around 60-70F - which makes it suitable for a track day car driven to the track - in addition to having great linear modulation, high temp ranges (1400F+), and being very rotor friendly with a good life span."

    The pricing and positive feedback (what there is of it) is definitely intriguing. I have used Powerstop hardware (reman calipers) with good experience and their parent company, Centric, with equally good results.

    Anyone have them or experience using these pads?

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    The new duralast gt pads also have a carbon fiber friction material and are marketed in a similar niche. Seems like the new thing, though I suppose we'll have to wait and see how they perform. I actually scored a free set of the duralast pads to check out. I'll be putting them on this month.
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      Do they not make a 1.6 pad?

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