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Hardtop glass edge moulding

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  • Hardtop glass edge moulding

    Does anyone have a loose piece of the PVC edge moulding they could possibly take a picture of so I could match a cheaper generic profile? I could save $50-60 doing this and can share what I find. Thx

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    As it just so happens - I do. NAY163930 is the stock part number, "Hardtop glass reveal moulding". Lemme go grab the moulding and my calipers out of the trunk and take a few pics..

    Edit: Erm.. edge moulding isn't glass moulding. I'll be using since my hardtop had a lot of chips along the edge and i built up some thickness in the repair - but is very close to OEM - you'll need to use a heatgun to conform to some of the tighter turns though.
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      Eh, I'm confused as to which molding you need - so here is the glass surround molding profile. I figured millimeters would be the proper unit.



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        Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. I'm assuming the glass went in the left side?

        I'll also see what I can find from CR Laurence, a glazing supplier that sells automotive and commercial products.


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          Correct. I see plenty of 16mm wide, but no 12mm that fits the profile.


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            Originally posted by iscariot View Post
            Correct. I see plenty of 16mm wide, but no 12mm that fits the profile.
            The top overlapping another 1/8" isn't that big of a deal. May be harder to bend at the tight corner. It's pretty much a small windshield wedge molding.

            I see where I didn't mention "glass" in the first post. My bad.


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              I think the new molding for my hardtop was like 37 bucks and it was already bent at the window corners. This is a lot of effort and time for not a lot of savings.


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                Cheapest I see is 60 before shipping.


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                  I may have spoken out of turn because that priced ended up through a body shop. So they may have had a deal with a mazda dealer.

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