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torsen v. 1.5 way v. 2 way

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  • torsen v. 1.5 way v. 2 way

    Those with good knowledge discuss. Things such as how much each rear end will hold power wise, cost, pros and cons. Also what you run in your car. I know drifters like 2 ways and I'm going to buy some sort of lsd for my car soon. I know torsens are gear type limited slips, are 1.5ways clutch type of gear type?
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    1.5 is clutch type. i would go with a torsen, 80% power to outside wheel no matter what, and theyre VERY strong.


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      you can't specifically say "1.5 is clutch type" since many of the aftermarket clutch LSDs are all variants (1, 1.5, 2). I've heard (and read) that the 96-97 Torsen LSDs have a bit more deceleration lock-up than any other Torsen offered in a Miata.

      Torsens are great and beefy, but can be killed with even a little wheel hop. Clutch types aren't as sensitive. Cluth types will eventually need a rebuild and since the clutches wear over time, the amount of lock up deteriorates as it gets used. Torsens also require having both wheels on the ground as they need a bit of preload on like pulling into a steep drive way, you can kinda get "stuck" if the car pick up one of the rear wheels(I have done this several times) and on extremely low friction surfaces, like ice, the Torsen can act like an open diff and only spin one wheel but this can be alieveated but applying shock load (i.e. dumping the clutch).

      The "drifters" prefer the 2 way because it keeps the rear wheels locked up under deceleration which makes the car more predictable and helps scub speed when off the throttle. It isn't essential, but helpful on a car that for the most part does not come with a LSD.

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