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Temporarily Closing Registrations - Dealing with Spam

I've had to temporarily turn off new registrations as the spam problem is ridiculous. I've opened a ticket with vbulletin asking for some more support as this is a cloud hosted service by them now.

There will be a mass deletion of all spam posts soon - again a feature that vbulletin decided to turn off in their wisdom.

Hopefully we'll be back up and running soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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3M tape for body parts

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  • 3M tape for body parts

    I've read everywhere to use 3M tape (in addition to hardware) when installing body parts. Which 3M tape is it exactly, and where can it be found?

    This stuff?
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    3M is the brand that makes a variety of tape based products. I'm not quite sure which tap people use to stick their bodyparts on with because I've experimented with various types of their stuff and never found anything THAT sticky. I've always viewed it as one of those internet things that just don't apply to real life when you're working on your own car. :lol:


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      i have black duct tape on my top. it looks fairly discreet compared to silver duct tape i see. lol
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