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    where can i get one for a nb? i beleive that the jdm one added a little more fuel or sum cuz jdm miatas made 150 or so hp and they redlined at 7500.
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    Find a tunable computer, hydra, MS something along those lines and you can get it dyno tuned to do exactly what you want. A few people on here have good experience with them and can tell you which ones work well.
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      I can't find anything on that mentions either of those differences in the NB (03-05). Doesn't mean it's not true, but even the Japanese specs list the same as the US specs.

      In any case, the price it would cost to get ahold of one of those just to find out would probably be about the same as acquiring a MegaSquirt and wiring it in parallel, and you know that will work for sure in helping find lost horsepower and editing your RPM limit with the proper tuning.

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        yeah this has been beaten to death on clubroadster, its a waste of time


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          damn really. i dreamed up this idea cuz my friend put a jdm ecu in his b16a civic and it made a **** load of diffrence. im doin some research on cams and that megasquirt right now.
          MS2, VVT, 650cc, Spec S3, MMR, 6 speed, 4.30, AEM , ARP, ... one day ill get a real turbo


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            I've been doing big Megaquirt research too. It seems like a good idea to buy one and get it running nice on the stock motor and adjust it for whatever you do in the future. It really seems to get good reviews too.