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9 5 spd auto-x/daily build

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  • 9 5 spd auto-x/daily build

    Hey Guys,

    Joined the forum a while back, have an Evo X as a daily, but a friend who had two Miatas, one for tracking, one for dailying. Watching him and his cars punch way above their weight class on our bi-annual Tail of the Dragon run, plus the urge to have something new to tinker on (the Evo is pushed as far as it can be and be "reliable" for dailying) convinced me I needed a Miata.

    I found the perfect one for my goals in Iowa: white, 99 5 spd with only 44k miles on the clock, and no rust to speak of. Flew from Atlanta with a buddy, and road tripped it back in one day.

    The previous owner had done some temporary wheel/taillight painting to "see if he liked it," so I knew that had to go first thing while I waited on picking up some real wheels, along with the gold package.

    Also started removing unnecessary stuff from the engine bay. The goal is to lighten the car without going too nuts, hopefully just enough to offset the addition of a rollbar and chassis stiffening.

    That week I went ahead and got the car dynoed in order to get a baseline.

    That evening, tuned up the whole thing: every fluid on the car except brake fluid, replaced spark plugs, air filter, radiator (with less used stocker), replaced spark plug wires. Went to Controlled Motors off McFarland for 949's stock miata alignment. Additionally, got a free nb2 header, so I threw that on.

    Shortly thereafter, I had everything left from the 60k tuneup done by @dooey and a BP5A cam dropped in it, because why not. While he was in there, @dooey discovered my timing belt was off by 1, my cam position sensor was busted (which I found out in a previous dyno not posted here), and my new NGK wires had not been hit with a hammer... I figured with the addition of the header, cam, the tune ups, and all those fixes, I was in for some nice gains so I headed back to the dyno.

    To say I was disappointed is the understatement of the year. I hadn't been that disappointed since i realized I had to choose between Clinton and Trump.

    Below is an overlay of my best runs with airbox open from the baseline, and after mods, as well as an overlay of my best runs with airbox closed day 1, and after mods. Essentially no difference though there is a correction factor of 5 vs 0 for the latest. Uncorrected numbers say 9 whp gain, but it was also August in Georgia and 17 degrees warmer when I did the first runs vs. the last.

    General consensus seems to be tuning will wake it up. Regardless, next up, the stock head unit is getting replaced with a single din in preparation for a gauge cluster in the center console and a foamectomy, or so I keep telling myself. Stay tuned.
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    Minor cosmetic updates: talked the wife into buying me car parts for my bday, so I got rid of the tape deck and upgraded to a nice Alpine single din to run the Bose speakers in preparation for center mounted gauges; got an nb2 console because cupholders; and some clean nb2 tails. That should be about it in terms of cosmetic/non-performance upgrades, and man, the head unit increased enjoyment incredibly. Honestly one of the best things I've done ha, and it was a huge improvement in sound quality, enough so that I won't bother upgrading speakers now.


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      Only 44k miles? That thing's super clean! Can't wait to see how you setup the suspension.
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        Why were there 2 different CF's (correction factors)? I know for some folks selling "Pro" Spec Miata motors the CF "adjustment" can be used to make a customer happy with a big number.
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          Originally posted by Dale View Post
          Only 44k miles? That thing's super clean! Can't wait to see how you setup the suspension.
          Yeah man, hard to believe, and thanks! I reeaaaally need to replace the tires, the fronts are dry rotted, so I can't wait to change it all up either.

          Originally posted by miatastuff View Post
          Why were there 2 different CF's (correction factors)? I know for some folks selling "Pro" Spec Miata motors the CF "adjustment" can be used to make a customer happy with a big number.
          The first dyno was done in August with much higher temps and humidity than the last dyno. Uncorrected the car put down 9 whp more with the cam and header, but supposedly SAE corrects for the temps right? These corrections are doing the opposite of making me happy ha, every time I dyno with a new mod, the correction factor is lowered and I make less power...


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            One thing I hadn't really thought about on an "old" car is old tires. I planned to upgrade, and knew that the fronts looked bad, but other than some minor seeming cracking (if that's a thing), none of the shops I went to seemed to be overly worried.

            Went ahead and got new shoes early when I found out I could run the 205/50-15s on the stocks for a little while. The "good" news was that the rear tires were only from 2008. The fronts were original, from 1999... I had a sick feeling in my stomach after hearing that, especially considering I road tripped it over 1,000 miles from Iowa Day 1.

            At least the new shoes are sticky.

            Just in time for winter temps to finally hit Georgia!
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