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No announcement yet. it's can't be! (Rainy Day Exocet)

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  • it's can't be! (Rainy Day Exocet)

    Another new Miata and a new thread.

    Allow me to introduce Laci (Thanks to Andy for the stripper name!). She's a 2006 Base NC in White 5 Speed.

    With rain pending for the JZilla "Death of Winter" event I started looking for a Rainy Day Track Car rather than tolerate the cold and WET weather in the Exocet.

    Quickly found that the current performance deal of the year seems to be NC Miatas. Some quick negotiating and trip to Canton on Friday night netted me a 2006 NC Miata in pretty good shape. Having owned a 10 year old, high mile NB, I figured this car would drive similarly. Boy was I wrong. This car drives almost like new.

    Saturday we had the front rotors turned and installed a headlight. Little did Laci know she was in for a long hard day at AMP on Sunday.

    Turned a 1:44 flat on 460 tread wear all season tires and boiled brakes. Had a blast and despite not running a quicker time I love the car.

    Driving impressions:
    Tons of body roll on the stock suspension. 460TW all seasons are NOT the answer. The NC is TIGHT, SOLID and feels like a "real car" compared to the NA/NB. I loved the go kart feel of the NA/NB but for a dual use car, the NC should get a lot more love. It appears more capable in stock form than the NA/NB, and if not more capable more confidence inspiring. Yes it's a little bit numb compared to the previous generations but it makes up for that with a solid chassis and decent suspension. The upgrade path isn't as clear, but I don't feel upgrades (other than tires and brakes) are needed even for semi-serious track duty.

    Looking forward I'm willing to bet that NA's continue to appreciate, NBs bottom out and stay there while NCs become recognized as a good deal over the next year or two.

    Next up for Laci might be some Hawk HP+ pads and sticky tires (Pirelli Trofeos? RE71s?) - Dunno. Whole goal is a CHEAP rainy day track car that also serves as an around town toy. No major mods for this one....for now....

    Not sure who's more excited me or my daughter. She couldn't climb in fast enough when I mentioned that her car seat would fit in the front seat.






    A minute of sideways action to start you week
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    Buying a car on a Friday to track on Sunday is a hero move. I really like this car Rick!