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Sean's Miata

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  • Sean's Miata

    While we were all at the alignment meet, my buddy Sean got sneaky and bought a Miata while I was away. lol
    1996, 105k, minor aesthetic issues, for $3k.
    He took the OEM wheels off because the tires were all mismatched and unbalanced, so the white 17s that are on there now are completely temporary until a better solution presents itself.
    Sunday, we spent the afternoon replacing the valve cover gasket, CAS seal, belts, changed the oil and spark plugs, and generally cleaned everything up. Runs better than when he picked it up, and he loves it!
    As soon as I show him the ways of forums, he'll be on here!

    Quick shots:

    Originally posted by miata5620
    Eric's Garage ... You buy all the parts I tell you to and you will have a killer car... If you want other parts used your car will suck and it will cost you more...

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    RE: Sean's Miata

    Tell Sean I said congrats and that I hate him. :)


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      RE: Sean's Miata

      Very smart, even the 17's don't look TOO bad!

      ricey You'll hate Tyler (silver280zx) even more for his $1900 buy.