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    I have a 2500HD diesel and used it to commute to work. I also rode motorcycles for the past 30+ years. I sold the bike and needed something to commute burning less fuel. Economy + Fun = Miata MX5. It seemed the logical choice for me.

    I researched and then searched high and low for about 3 months. I found the 95M in Oklahoma. I did the carfax report, asked twenty questions, and requested many photos at various angles. Clean car, good history, low mileage, and no rust.

    I took the risk and bought a plane ticket (the cheap kind). On Saturday I flew from Atlanta-Pittsburg-Chicago-Tulsa. It took 17 hours due to weather. I got there at 1:00 AM and the owner met me at the airport. I was tired but still checked out the car as best I could. Paid the man and took off to the nearest hotel for a three hour nap and shower. Then I drove 16 hours straight back to Atlanta on Sunday. Back to work on Monday June 9th and have been enjoying the car ever since. I have a long list of upgrades to complete. I drive the car every day and my wife enjoys our late evening rides through the country. I am glad I got the 95 M-Edition. I think it is a very classy car and love working on it.
    95 M-Edition

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    RE: 95 M

    Thats doing it that hard way...I can dig it. Done a few cross country trips for cars myself. :)


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      RE: 95 M

      Great write up, i dont think i have heard a single person say they dont like the miata. Even though i dont have one i always love the ride in my friends miatas.
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        RE: 95 M

        Wow. That is quite a story! Welcome!! It is good to have you here.
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          RE: 95 M

          Your story on buying that car reminds me of when I bought the car before the S2K. It happen to be the weekend of my 21st birthday so of course the friends wanted to take me out and get hammered. I got home around 1:30am but had to wait back up at 4am to catch a 6:30am flight to Chicago. I got there, bought the car then drove it back the same day. As soon as I crossed over the GA border, I started to become delirious and had to pull over for a couple minutes to give myself a break. luckily I made it home with no issues! :D