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My ITB miata

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  • My ITB miata

    I only have a couple of pictures on this computer, but here ya go:

    The ITB kit a set of 45mm throttle bodies with 50mm air horns from fuji racing. It won't run without some kind of engine management, so I built a megasquirt for it too. Ironically though, the first thing I did to the car when I bought it was the rollcage. I figured, get the hardest mod done first, right?
    Anyway, here's a crappy dark video of my car, but you can at least tell how it sounds:

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    As for the story on it, I have a couple pictures so I'll do my best. It started with the rollcage. I went and picked it up from bethania garage personally, in north carolina. Boy was I excited when it was back in my garage.

    Checking fitment

    If you're wondering about the install itself, it goes in just like a hard dog roll bar, then there are just two front pieces you wedge in and bolt to the floor. I then had the three pieces (front pieces and rollbar) welded together, then welded to the floor and chassis.

    As for the ITB's, here's how the install went:
    STEP 1: blindly wrench and pull away to your heart's content until your engine bay looks like this

    your garage should be a wreck, and have random seemingly critical miata parts lying around, like this:

    I got rid of a couple of totally unnessecary things during the install:

    then, just slap em on!

    its just a matter of running all kinds of lines and hoses and engine management headaches after that.


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      Kickass. What's it like living with a rollcage? Get much track time?


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        I love the rollcage. You have to do that classic sportscar clamber to get in and out, but as you can see it sits right under the seat, and then on the roofline so its not that big of a deal. I have SFI padding on the sides of it, thats the only place I could concievably hit because I also run a harness. The biggest problem I run into is girls hitting their head on it getting into the passenger side if I forget to say "watch your head" :P

        As for track time, I was only able to hit one event last year, as I'm a student and I only have money in the summer, and my car wasn't running much due to the itb mayhem. I just recently got it tuned correctly within the last couple of months. I'm hoping to tear it up this summer!
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          I thought about getting that exact same front half but with some extras, if you get a chance care to take some measurements? I miss living with a fully caged car lol.


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            sure, what kind of measurements? It basically touches the dash in the front, and it's dented the tweeters in my doors ever so slightly, haha.

            I know what you mean, I wouldn't take my cage out for anything. I went and looked at a stock NB for sale for a friend the other day, and I was like wtf, this car is a piece of crap, it shakes when you go over a bump and you can't even hear the engine.

            Edit: if you already have a hard dog rollbar, I'm pretty sure they sell a weld-in cage kit for it.
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              Nice car. I've seen you post on some other forums, but never knew what car you had.

              Originally posted by miata5620
              Eric's Garage ... You buy all the parts I tell you to and you will have a killer car... If you want other parts used your car will suck and it will cost you more...


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                toyota coils?

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                  Originally posted by RotorNutFD3S View Post
                  Nice car. I've seen you post on some other forums, but never knew what car you had.
                  Originally posted by ben91 View Post
                  toyota coils?
                  yep, from a tundra. haha. good eye!
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