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    It should be known up front that I never let anyone else work on my car, with the slim exception of having my alignment done and tires mounted and balanced at GTE.

    So, after building a stockpile of parts large enough to supply the entire North American Miata community until the next presidential election, and lacking the time to actually do any work on my car, it came time to outsource.

    I picked Track Minded Performance (posts as tougemiata on here) to do the job. The list looked like this:

    Timing belt
    Water pump
    Plugs and Wires
    Valve cover gasket
    FMS/RMS/Cam seals
    FM Clutch
    Fidanza flywheel
    Shaved head
    New hubs and bearings on all four corners, + ARP lug studs
    Depowered steering rack
    Installed remaining silicone hoses while engine was out

    Mike did a fantastic job for a reasonable price, and the car feels like it has just woken up. It's so much more lively. I can't wait to get it on the track June 16.
    Chris and Lola

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    Mike is good people, he's probably forgotten more about Miatas than most of us will ever know.

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