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Track Dog Racing 3-Gauge Angled Panel

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  • Track Dog Racing 3-Gauge Angled Panel

    Product Link:

    There doesn't seem to be too much info about these, and especially when installing them into a NB2 with the 2-DIN Bose system. So I figured I'd type this up and share my experience with the product.

    I had a 2-gauge pod on my a pillar for the last year and really hated it. Way too ricer for me :) Plus, I wanted to be able to have 3 gauges.

    My order was shipped very quickly after being received and showed up to my house just a few days later. The only instructions were to go to their website and view a pdf. I personally like this. No waste of paper.

    All 3 of my gauges are AEM Classic Digital. Using the mounting system supplied with the gauges, I found it best to angle the gauges slightly. Mounting the panel itself was a bit odd. Not sure if I was just missing something, or if it was designed this way. The panel has 4 arms that hold it in place, but they only prevent the panel from coming OUT. They do not hold the panel in. So, there was some wiggle in the panel. However, the silver bezel that runs around the radio hole pushed the panel into place and there is no wiggle now. Again, not sure if this is how it is designed or not. If anyone has experience with that, feel free to chime in.

    As for the radio, I was a bit concerned because I couldn't find any information online about installing the panel into a car with the Bose 2-DIN radio.

    I have a JVC 1-DIN radio that was installed with this kit:

    I used a dremel to cut off the cubby, then trimmed the sides down to be the height of the radio. I then installed the piece upside-down, with the 2 clips hooking into the bottom of the radio opening.

    The assembly creaks a bit when pulling out of my driveway, as the chassis flexes. However I haven't noticed any noise when driving.

    I also want to give a quick shoutout to William at Track Dog Racing. I had a couple questions during the install, and he was very informative and helpful. Good customer service.

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