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FS: Flyin' Miata 1.8L turbo manifold (Atlanta) $200

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  • FS: Flyin' Miata 1.8L turbo manifold (Atlanta) $200

    OK, now that i've replaced my manifold, i'll sell the old one. Yes, it does have a crack. Yes, it can be repaired rather easily by someone who knows how to weld on cast iron. The crack is on the topof the manifold and is not around any hard radious areas, you will see in the pics. I'm just going to post pics of the crack because that's what's important (if you want to know what the rest of it looks like, go to BEGI's site). Currently, a new one from BEGI will run you about $460, though the "new" BEGI one has a little divider wall between cylinders 1-2 &'s really not that big of a deal that mine does not.

    It came off a 2002 Miata, but will fit any 1.8L Miata engine, although the EGR is different on 99-00 Miatas, it is the same on 01-05 Miatas and may fit on a 94-97 Miata.