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Red Miata Hardtop Hard top (Austell) $600

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  • Red Miata Hardtop Hard top (Austell) $600

    Classic Red SU paint code Miata MX-5 hardtop available. I can include the side latches that go on your seatbelt tower if your car did not come with them. The paint is very glossy, but not much surface prep was done before painting. This model does not have the rear defroster. This hard top could be used as-is if you plan on using it for a Spec. racer, but would need some work if you want it show quality. These hardtops in excellent condition go for 900-1200 dollars. The back glass is pretty scratched up, but I have seen replacement glass sell on eBay for less than a hundred bucks. Included is a rolling cart / stand. I'll try to add some pics soon. Contact me thru the Craigslist address above. Thanks.