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2006+ Miata MX5 Custom Muffler (Alpharetta Area) $299

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  • 2006+ Miata MX5 Custom Muffler (Alpharetta Area) $299

    RoadsterSport II Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust Muffler for 2006 and newer Mazda MX5 Miata. If you're looking for a beautifully made performance muffler with a sweet sound you can adjust, this could be for you. This muffler is made by Good-Win-Racing and you can read all about it at their web site:

    This muffler comes with the standard removable baffles plus two optional glass-packed baffles for those times you want to tune the "growl" down a bit. The baffles can be changed out with a 1/2" socket in about 2 minutes. Also included are two connection bolts and a gasket. Installs easily in your driveway in less than 30 min. The muffler has less than 200 miles on it and is in great condition. Please email me with any questions. Thanks......................