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15x8 6ULs in Aiken, SC for $875

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  • 15x8 6ULs in Aiken, SC for $875

    Purchased new from Goodwin racing in August 2008. Very few (<1000) street miles on the tires. No track time.
    The wheels are 15X8 6UL's in silver, + 36mm offset, 12.8 lbs, 1.125" lip 5.875" backside setting. Tires are full tread depth Toyo RA-1's in 225/45-15.
    These fit all NB (99+ ) miatas without issue. Fit NA (90-97') miatas, but those lowered with short body shocks may need to trim fender liners and run at least -1.25 front camber.
    Wheels come with center caps, but do not come with lug nuts.
    Wheels and tires are essentially brand new, and were $1416 new. Price does not include shipping.

    I'd snag these up in a heart beat if I had the money at the moment.

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    Oh wow. Gonna check some things out.


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      ohh man i need some sick wheels
      "keep drifting fun......or else..." --Andy Sapp


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        rather tempting.... wonder how well RA-1 does at auto-x


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          WOW HOLY GOD CHEAP, especially with RA-1's!!!!


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            a new set of ra1's alone is roughly that much. I'd get them if the funds were fully availible for such things.
            '95 w/ now finished '99 swap, kyb agx's, flyin miata springs, sway bars, roll bar and more to come...sigpic


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              Eh, i'll just probably get a set of V710s for my 17s since the RA-1 will not be good enough for auto-x and I don't want to have to buy a set of tires for auto-x to put on them.