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1992 BMW 325is ($2500 OBO)

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  • [For Sale] 1992 BMW 325is ($2500 OBO)

    2018-01-06 15.55.03.jpg

    Up for sale is my 1992 BMW 325is. I bought it to eventually do a motor swap because its pretty clean for a 25+ year old car on the exterior with a 209K mile M50 motor in it. Eventual plan was to do a GM Small Block L33 swap into it but once again my eyes were bigger than my stomache and I would rather drive than tinker and I already have a project BMW so one enough is enough. I am looking to pick up another NA and just throw all my race parts at it so I can have a nice track Miata again since I lost my 92 Silver car to an engine bay fire. I'll post it to CL soon enough but wanted to throw it up here first. Cash or a good running Miata is the deal, no other cars will do for trade.

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    Run and drive? Any known problems?


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      Here's the CL Listing -

      Only issue really is that it burns oil, not like a quart every time you drive it but enough you need to check it once every couple of weeks. I also pulled the thermostat out because these M50/M52/S52 motors are known to blow a head gasket if the cooling system has issues so better safe than sorry. Currently both E36s I have and the E21 with the M50 motor have no thermostat cause I just don't trust them. After this goes, my 97 E36 M3 goes and its a track/HPDE car, not streetable at all and only has a bill of sale and is a salvage title. Just tired of paying the BMW tax on three of them so only keeping the E21.