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2004 Subaru Forester XT 5-speed

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  • 2004 Subaru Forester XT 5-speed

    Well I know its not a Miata and I might post on WRXAtlanta next but I thought here would be a good place to start -

    Photo Feb 16, 11 58 33 AM.jpg

    I bought this as a play/daily driver car though with the 2.5 Turbo motor the fuel economy around town is as bad as my SUV. I need something with a little better gas mileage and fun to drive as well. It is high mileage and a rebult title from a door impact with the original 216k motor but still plenty quick plus I had AllPro Subaru do a bunch of work on it including the rear bearings, fuel system and new brake master cylinder. Its sitting on BC Racing Coilovers as well so not so high up and tippy. I think of it as a WRX with a big Badonkadonk. I was planning on eventually rebuilding the block and turning it into a Forester STI, its the same block as an STI with the smaller turbo from a WRX. All you need to do is bolt on an STI Intercooler, Turbo, Downpipe and either use a Cobb tune or you can swap in an STI computer and it makes 300hp at the wheels. It's a fun car, just not what I need for commuting with the new job.

    Asking 5,000 for it, these in manual are hard to come by.

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    Love me some angry toasters! Grassroots Motorsports did a write up about how to make one of these into an STI wagon. Oddly, when equipped with the STi bits, it makes MORE power than an STi! GLWS
    Red '91, MSM longblock/BEGI-FM hybrid turbo w/2871r/3"Enthuza/Hydra2.7/700cc/Ohlins/
    RacingBrake11"BBK/SS HDDD/Nakamae everything/KGWorks/Zoom/We're done!


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      That is only a few thou more than I paid for my Forester XS, with 300k!
      Flipping steal!
      I hate you!
      I make Stuff....shiny,Metal Stuff.


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        Yeah, I am sure the 200k on the motor might make folks wary but it daily drives just fine in Atlanta traffic. It's just the fuel economy that makes me wince. Who knows maybe I'll buy me a cheap NA and just drive it instead. I would love to do the STI upgrade on it, even now its quick as is.