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1981 El Camino

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  • [For Sale] 1981 El Camino

    Cross posting from my Craiglist ad. Not sure if there will be any interest in it here but it cant hurt.

    A good running 1981 Chevrolet El Camino for your viewing and driving pleasure!

    Not perfect by any means but a good running, driving, reliable daily or work vehicle.

    305CI engine. (5.0L)
    TH350 Transmission
    Brand new 17x8 wheels and 245/45r17 tires
    New floors welded in were needed. Minimal rust elsewhere
    vinyl fabric bedcover with ribs, spray in bed liner, chromed bedside tie-down rails
    Recent oil change
    New spark plugs and reset timing
    New turn signal switch
    Will come with a spare set of 15 inch Monte Carlo SS wheels

    I know what you're thinking. Sounds too great! You're right!

    Its not a looker for a couple of reasons. The paint is bad... like pretty ugly. It had a horrible respray done to it at some point in its life by somebody who didn't care very much. There is a large dent in the passenger side of the roof, (which necessitated the new windshield) and the passenger door was pretty much caved in when I bought it. The heater core started leaking about a month ago so those lines are looped, not that it matters too much since the ac controls down work. For that matter neither does the radio or horn. The drivers seat belt doesn't retract without persuasion most of the cluster is missing and the speedometer is highly inaccurate. I BELIEVE it has a shorter final drive in it than was it originally equipped with from the factory. Which is good or bad depending on your perspective. Currently showing 82k miles but it will go up as I drive it often.

    It was originally a bench seat car and the mounts are still there for it if you want to put one back in or have one you've been dying to find a car to put it in! I DO NOT HAVE THE ORIGINAL SEAT!!! When I purchased the vehicle it had some random crap seats in it that weren't even bolted down. When I welded the new floor pans into it I mounted some aftermarket racing bucket seats in it which I am aware will not be to everyone's taste and as such I will happily the vehicle to you without the seats for a discount. (See below for details)

    In addition. There is very little interior left. No carpet, very little of the plastics are left as they were largely destroyed anyway. No headliner. It was falling apart all over my girlfriend's head. Dashboard is quite tattered.

    Basically I am telling you that it is RACE READY! HIT THE DRAG STRIP! REV IT UP AND LAUNCH!

    Or don't. I'm not your boss. You can do whatever you'd like with it, after you buy it.

    All that being said, It's for sale! Don't like it? Don't email me to tell me. I don't care. There are worse out there for more money. Go complain to them.

    $4000 with the seats as they are
    $3500 without the seats
    Would also consider trading for a diesel powered van or truck

    If this ad is still posted, the vehicle is still for sale.
    Thanks for reading.
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    I have many fond memories of these back in the seventies hauling horse trailers around. A usable pickup truck bed that you don't have to rupture a disc getting stuff in and out of. Because everything was based on GM B bodies, think Nova and later the Caprise, Year One has every little nut and bolt to restore this car back to new. To me it's crying out for an LSx swap and a six speed, but the 305 is a pretty reliable, if uninspiring mill. GLWS, my wife says I still have too many toys...
    Red '91, MSM longblock/BEGI-FM hybrid turbo w/2871r/3"Enthuza/Hydra2.7/700cc/Ohlins/
    RacingBrake11"BBK/SS HDDD/Nakamae everything/KGWorks/Zoom/We're done!


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      Bump for G-Body 'Merica-ness


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        Dang, saw you at Athens Cars and Coffee the other weekend


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          Bump for Photobucket's death.

          20170714_170551 by R w, on Flickr

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            Okay. I actually, really need this gone. I just bought another truck, and I don't have the space for it.

            Make an offer.