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  • [For Sale] PTR 91 Rifle

    I have a PTR91 in 308 that I am looking to sell or trade to fund my Miata project.

    The rifle has an upgraded buffer tube, muzzle break, and rail on top.
    I would also include 4 magazines, a sling, and a case.

    I am asking $800 for the package. (Price reduced due to changes in market)

    I have a 99 Miata. I will be looking for performance upgrades for the suspension and engine. I already have Megan coil overs and rear sway bar.

    Ill have pictures sooner or later.
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    Atlantic Industries makes a slew of different versions of this rifle, so specific model info, upgrades and of course pics needed to see if this is a good buy, or not so great...
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      Atlantic Industries does not produce the PTR91. PTR makes them. They are copies of the HK series rifles. It has been so long since I looked, I did not realize the prices had come down. My rifle is nice but not worth what I'm asking. Revising the price to $800 for everything.
      Im ThatGuy, you know, the one guy that did that thing that one time.


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        all prices took a pretty big hit after the election, AR's now selling for cheaper than they ever have. But you are right, this gun is not one of the ones made by century, those are mainly the c308's and have a much spottier reputation. These ptr's are very good clones of the original HK rifles and normally have excellent headspace making them run much more reliably. If you have trouble moving the rifle try or both are buy sell trade forums for firearms and are excellent places to list firearms, I personally have done over 100 deals on there and they are great sites. your new price is deff. fair for the rifle and what it comes with.
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