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WTB: 1.6 misc coolant-related items

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  • WTB: 1.6 misc coolant-related items

    Need 2 misc parts from a 1.6 engine. The first is the cap that goes on top of the thermostat housing. You know, the thing that the thermo-switch threads into. The second part is the fitting that goes at the back of the head that the heater core line attaches to.

    I have these pieces already, but they are very nicely powdercoated in 'silver vein'. I need a stock set. I am willing to buy the stock pieces or trade my silver vein peices for your stock pieces + cash. I have the t'stat cap, the rear housing, and a cam cover that is modified to expose the cam gears. They are all gorgeous matching silver vein. Will trade mine for your stock items +$50. The powdercoating was about $200.

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