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Frankenstein Bolts!!!!!!!

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  • Frankenstein Bolts!!!!!!!

    I need a set of frankenbolts! ASAP! Buying a hardtop for Kris' NB.

    Kurt does not have a set readily available, so I'd like to see if someone else has some that we can get between tonight and tomorrow. Or even at Caffeine and Octane on Sunday if you are going since that is probably where we are picking up the hardtop.
    Also willing to provide the screws that delete the bolts for those of you who never want a hardtop so you don't have an open hole in the plate.

    Please let me know!

    Originally posted by miata5620
    Eric's Garage ... You buy all the parts I tell you to and you will have a killer car... If you want other parts used your car will suck and it will cost you more...