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FS: Restored 150k 1992 B&T $2,500

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  • [For Sale] [NA] FS: Restored 150k 1992 B&T $2,500

    I've decided to sell my latest project, restoring an original 1992 Black and Tan. Asking $2,250 (updated). The car is here in Thomasville, GA.

    I got it in a bad cosmetic state so did a full interior replacement (including dash), full tune-up, new radiator, hoses, plugs, injectors, break pads and rotors (and one caliper), even had the head removed, inspected, and cleaned up while I was at it. Maintenance wise, I literally did everything I could think of (even fuel filter, etc.). It's a solid driver, no rust (included close-ups of quarter panels), fun car.

    The best things about it:
    I ordered and had installed the Flyin Miata "Happy meal" clutch kit AND Koni Stage 2.5 suspension, it handles exceptionally well.
    I removed the power steering rack and had a good Manual rack (and pulled bracket) installed, so REAL manual steering.
    The interior is in great shape and the car, while significant maintenance has been done, hasn't been modified
    I installed an awesome Sony double DIN head unit and nice speakers, so sounds great

    The worst things about it:
    The car has AC installed and the compressor works, but it has a slow leak I think. AC worked when I bought it but faded, so I stopped using it. Probably needs a leak test, some seal or hose, and a recharge.
    The paint is bad, it looks like someone got REALLY aggressive with a buffer on the driver's door top side, and cut through the black paint into the primer. It isn't rusting there, but needs a respray.
    I installed a used but good plastic zipper window, but it isn't aligned well. The top is a little hard to close on the passenger side (but seals perfectly well). Fixing it would require removing the passenger seat belt trim and adjusting the mounting bolts for the frame, not hard just time consuming.
    The original boot lid with the spoiler was trashed when I bought it, so I replaced with it a good lid but no spoiler.

    I uploaded some pictures to google here, higher resolution:
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    Oops.. pics are upside down! I'll fix that ASAP.


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      Having AC would add tremendous value to a car selling in Georgia. My experience with slow AC leaks is it is usually the schrader valve. Try tightening it than add a can of that "alternate refrigerant" (propane) stuff. A small charge of Propane works well in a R12 system. Any refrigerant that the MSDS says hydrocarbon, Alkanes or "68476-85-7" is likely propane. For example:
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        Thanks for the tip! I'll check that out, and may take it to a local place and have them inspect it. The AC worked for a few months, so it wasn't a fast leak for sure.


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          Considering the AC, I've decided to lower my price to $2,250. Also posting to local CLs.


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            Pm sent
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