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2009 MX5 Miata hardtop/softtop street/track car

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  • [For Sale] [NC] 2009 MX5 Miata hardtop/softtop street/track car

    Selling my 2009 (NC2) MX5 Touring. I bought this car back in May or June after my NB racecar got totalled at Road America. I had no clue what my plans were at the time, but I knew I'd miss the remainder of the track season if I didn't buy something quick, and I was kind of interested in maybe building an NC as my next race car. This car popped up for sale with hardtop, rollbar, and coilovers, so I jumped on it. I've done 6 or 8 track days in the car this year and really enjoyed it, but I decided an NB is still a better fit for the classes that I want to race in and I don't need a street toy right now.

    2009 6 speed Touring model, Liquid Silver, black cloth
    -Super rare factory hardtop.
    -Softtop still installed. Previous owner told me it was in great shape, but I've never pulled the hardtop off to check.
    -Suspension package with limited slip
    -62k miles
    -Clean carfax and zero signs of rust. It lived in Atlanta and Birmingham until I brought it north to Kentucky.
    -Bilstein PSS10 coilovers (installed by a previous owner)
    -Hard dog roll bar (installed by a previous owner)
    -Racing Beat sway bars (installed by me, stock parts included with sale)
    -Currently on half worn Carbotech XP10f XP8r, and I don't have any street pads
    -Track Dog Racing cold air intake (installed by me, stock parts included with sale)
    -Moroso aluminum coolant reservoir (installed by me, stock parts included with sale)
    -All-black "Sport" model front grill, and European reflector-less fog light housings (installed by me, stock parts included with sale)
    -New battery installed last week

    Other optional parts available:
    -OpenFlash Tablet tuner, never used. Currently loaded with a custom tune for the car, but I never got around to flashing it.
    -PPE 1.75" long tube header for a 2.5 swap. I bought it used off of a local miata guy who was running it on his 2.5 swap car, and neither of us realized that it doesn't fit on the 2.0. I tried to install it but it didn't fit, so I just put the stock exhaust back on.
    -Mazdacomp front lower control arm camber inserts. These are steel inserts that have to be pressed into the knuckle at the lower ball joint mounting point, which I was not expecting.
    -OMP HTE-R 400 seat with custom mounting brackets that I made to put the seat on the floor. Really great for tall guys. I'm 6'1" and think the seating position is perfect, but some of my shorter friends can't drive the car with this seat/brackets. Also included is a custom bracket that I made for mounting the sub straps behind the seat. The NC floor pan is really weird, and with the seat touching the floor there's no room for the sub strap hardware.
    -Sparco "Endurance" Hans harnesses. Still good for 4 more years.
    -Good-win "Street single" rear muffler. It has a ton of drone even with the stock midpipe, so I only installed it for track weekends and ran the stock rear muffler the rest of the time on the street. The stock muffler sounds great on the street but I couldn't hear the engine on track with a helmet on.
    -Two brand new OEM Mazda RX8 front wheel bearings. Direct bolt on, and stronger than the MX5 parts.
    -Double-din bluetooth/touchscreen/android headunit and dash install kit, new in box. Speakers too.
    -Tillett B5 carbon seat. I have brackets designed in CAD but never got a chance to waterjet them. The shop is slow right now so I could make them if you're interested.

    Wheels and tires available, buyer's choice:
    -SSR Type-C 17x8 +48 with old and tired (but still good for street use) Michelin Pilot Sports -- on the car when I bought it, currently with TPMS sensors installed
    -Rota Titan 17x9 +42 with the new Continental Sports in 225, no TPMS -- my street wheels, very low miles on these
    -New in box Advanti Storm 17x9 black
    -New, never mounted 235/40/17 BFG R1S slicks (intended for the Advantis)
    -I've been tracking the car all year on a set of 17x9 949s with 245 RS4, but a local friend has currently called dibs on those.

    Various notes and issues:
    -Fenders rolled to clear 17x9s and 245s with no rubbing. Very clean roll with zero paint cracking.
    -The CD player is currently jammed, but the radio and aux input still work.
    -The trunk latch solenoid died very recently and you currently have to use the key to get into the trunk.
    -The front bumper has considerably more sand/stone chips than you would expect for a car of this age and mileage. It's really not that bad, but it's noticeable enough to be worth mentioning in a for-sale ad so that there are no surprises. There's also a small dent in the front right fender, and one in the driver's rear quarter panel by the filler neck. I tried to photograph both but they're hard to see. The car is in overall great shape, but it's a miata that's been used, not an old-guy garage queen.
    -I installed the Sport front grill and the European fog light housings myself. They were not replaced because of crash damage or anything like that... I just don't like the Touring front end with the plastic mesh and the chrome ring. The bumper gaps around the headlights are kind of weird and made me think the car had been crashed at some point, but I couldn't find any signs of metal/plastic damage or repair while I had the bumper off. I've looked at a few other NC2 street cars in parking lots and they all had the same weird gaps around the headlights, so I guess it's just a normal thing with the NC2.

    Asking price is $13,900 as the car sits, with any 1 set of wheels/tires, and without any of the spares. Any of the additional parts can be negotiated into the sale if the buyer wants them. None of the parts will be sold until the car sells, but you're welcome to message me if interested and I'll put you in line.

    Pictures located here. Small handful of old pics at the top, then a massive dump of current photos (taken today) below:

    2009 Mazda spec sheet here, if you care:

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    Also, I'm located in Lexington, KY. Ryan Zupancic reminded me about this forum and suggested that I post the car here.

    Flights from LEX to ATL are cheap, so I'm willing to deliver the car to anyone here who's interested. That plan will obviously limit the amount of spare parts that I can deliver with the car, but the offer is available.


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      Jeff is a standup guy. No worries. GLWS!


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        Definitely vouch for Jeff and the car. He comes down to Atlanta many times a year for various track days and car events, so seemed a logical choice to post here as well.

        After Jeff bought this and I had a chance to ride in it, I started casually looking for my own NC with a hardtop (non PRHT..) An NC Miata with a matching fixed hardtop is nearly impossible to find, and I never saw another one in a few months of casually searching. For anyone who wants a dual purpose NC, this is a great deal (and comes with a lot of tasteful mods already!)
        - Ryan
        1999 Miata (Red) - Stock non-VVT, Haltech, Ohlins, 949 6ULs and NT01s


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          I saw your thread on RRAutox too. Great, great looking car. Would make a really nice "easy button" track car for someone.


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            An NC with the removable HT looks so good IMO. Had one come in off a trade in here at my work a few years ago and should of bought it. Good luck with your sale. Clean car!


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              Car is sold. The Rotas and the Goodwin muffler went with it. Everything else is still available. PM me if you're interested.