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NA outer door handle and a little bit extra

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  • [Wanted] NA outer door handle and a little bit extra

    Hi all, looking for an outer door handle for the NA. The little flapper door spring to help keep crud out of the keyhole in the handle broke so I had to remove the flapper door in the barrel. So I'm looking for the assembly or the barrel.

    Also looking for an extra screw that holds the plastic surround in on the interior door handle, had to use one out of the Pax side to replace the one that holds the seal on for the triangle window up top. Funny enough they're the same screw, don't know where mine ran off to.

    Also have a cobalt undertray I would trade for a GOOD driver side window motor :D, mine's really slow. Already have the relay mod, Rspeed bushings AND Shin-etsu installed so I suppose its a dying motor.
    1996 White Used and abused