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BP-4W Cylinder head (99-00) Still new in box from TreasureCoast

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  • [For Sale] [Any] BP-4W Cylinder head (99-00) Still new in box from TreasureCoast

    99-00 Miata cylinder head (BP-4W)

    Apology for being my very first post here, but, I've had some changes to my employment and have had to delay my plans to get my Miata back on the road. Thus, I'm selling my newly purchased 99-00 cylinder head (complete) with 0 miles on the rebuild from Treasure Coast Miata. To clarify, I did not send a core and have it rebuilt by them - I purchased the head from them. Paid $950 + shipping. Still the going price on their site at the moment.

    Not much to see as far as pictures goes, since I've kept it in the originally shipping packaging that they sent it to me in.

    Brand new rebuild on a 99-00 Miata cylinder head (BP-4W) with zero miles on the rebuild. As stated, I haven't even taken it out of the box since I got it from them.

    $750 firm to anyone local. Willing to ship as well, but, add appropriate shipping cost to that amount (package is 51lbs total).

    If you're doing a rebuild on your Miata, this is the head that you WANT but probably can't find. So here's your chance.
    [email protected] if interested.
    ***FOR SALE*** - BP4W Cylinder head (from the 99-00 Miata), 0 miles on the fresh rebuilt newly provided head, straight from Treasure Coast/ $750 locally / add shipping cost for non-local sales (weight of package is 51lbs).

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    Has anyone asked about this head?? This is exactly what I'm building. Are you flexible on your prive point?