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90-93 MSPnP V1.3 Jedi kit

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  • [For Sale] [NA] 90-93 MSPnP V1.3 Jedi kit

    I have a system to sell. It includes a 90-93 Megasquirt PnP Gen 1, tuning cable and GM AIT sensor. It also includes an LC-1 WB02 with new sensor (less than 500 miles), A/F gauge with pod and A-pillar. Wait, there's more! This kit also includes PnP COPs with a TSE mounting bracket, a 90-93 automatic throttlebody WITH newer VTPS sensor AND pig tail. Still want more? OK, this kit will come with an extra OE fuel injection harness (should you want to build a sequential fuel injector system), AND the cast aluminum intake elbow from a JRCAI that the AIT sensor threads into so you can make a CAI after you have removed your restrictive AFM!

    Crazy, right? This is the Jedi kit because it does it all and expands your options with the MSPnP. You too can learn touse the force and all it's power!

    No, I won't separate. Too bad, so sad.

    $650 OBO

    The Kit.


    (tuning cable)

    (Innovate LC-1 WBO2)

    (JRCAI elbow with AIT sensor attached)

    (OEM TB with VTPS sesor & pigtail...universal WeatherPac connector)

    (Innovate digital A/F gauge with pod & factory A-pillar cover)

    (PnP COPs, 90-93, Toyota coils, Track Speed Engineering bracket)
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    If you dont mind me asking, would you happen to have a/the writeup on the VTPS sensor you have done? I have the automatic TPS sensor as well, but no pigtail with the 4 pin connector. Currently running to TPS sensor into my MSPNP.
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      I took that TB from a rear-hit automatic in a salvage yard in Long Beach, CA. I cut the pigtail when I pulled it. I found a thread on MT.n about making it work with a standard harness. IOW, which wires to use and which (the 4th wire) was unnecessary, IIRC). I used the weatherpac connectors on that TB and my stock, standard TB so I could swap them in and out to pass CARB inspection in California. I might still have the other standard harness with the adjacent connector that goes to the ECU.

      I could remove the MSPnP, that TB, and the intake I used to put the car back to passable inspection in about 45-60 minutes. The other part was to switch the programming on the WBO2 back to narrowband. I would either turn off the gauge or if was questioned, I told them I monitored my AFR for hypermiling/fuel economy.


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        DAAAAYUM. A great deal for someone needing all of that. Alas, I just need the Megasquirt...


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          Everyone *thinks* they just need the MS, the other stuff makes it so much better. :)


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            Everything else is sitting in a box here already.


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