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Hard Dog Roll Bar

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  • [For Sale] [NA+NB] Hard Dog Roll Bar

    I'm thinking about selling my roll bar. This is a Hard Dog M1 Hard Core Double Diagonal roll bar. You can read about it here:

    I am selling it because I want to do something different, maybe a Hard Dog Deuce with the side braces and maybe a hard top. If we can come to an agreement you can come over purchase it and what I would like to do is uninstall the bar and you can see how it goes in and we could swap out the trimmed panels if you have an NA with a black interior.

    Here's a picture of it still installed in my car.

    What about $350? If I have to go less than that, it just wouldn't be worth the trouble.

    I am located in Trussville, AL.

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    Price drop to $300, just because I want a change


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      Bump for this. If you have a track car this would be for you. Very substantial, well braced bar.

      If I have a deposit through paypal I could go ahead and remove the bar and have it ready when you got here to pick it up.

      I have my eye on a double hoop roll bar.


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        Off the market. Decided to keep it. The bar I was thinking of buying is not longer available for the price I wanted.


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          I can’t believe nobody bought this from you. These things never show up used, much less in good condition and less than half price.


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            if you change your mind please let me know very interested