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Best looking Miata Exhaust Evar!!11one!

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  • Best looking Miata Exhaust Evar!!11one!

    My custom dual exhaust is up for grabs. 2.75" midpipe to 2x2.25" exits with big slash cut tips. This is a custom, one off. Complete with some of the first welds I ever made.
    Exhaust is quiet under idle and cruise, fairly free flowing, and sounds EXCELLENT. Good setup for 275whp or less. I'm going to Enthuza's dual 3" setup in anticipation of my new 400+ whp build.

    Includes Magnaflow cat converter which is clocked for a turbotony downpipe. Cat is 1 yr old, may not sufficiently filter NOx depending on how tough your emissions requirements are. Rear pipes clear 1.6 and 1.8 stub axles, no problem.

    Cost to replicate is $400+, plus a lot of time. Will sell for $100. Local pickup only. You'll need a truck/wagon/SUV to transport. Not as good as an Enthuza dual 3" but it'll cost about $500 less!

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