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Selling the old mx5atlanta track car

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  • [For Sale] Selling the old mx5atlanta track car

    As the title say's I'm selling the old track car that I saved from the crusher. I know I will regret getting rid of it but I just don't have room for all the vehicle's I have right now. It's runs and idles fine but does need to be tuned before taking it out to have some fun, haha. Now onto the list..

    1993 miata

    01 1.8 vvt engine (60,000 miles)
    Ms3x ecu
    Begi turbo manifold
    Garrett gt2860rs
    2013 gt500 600 cc injectors
    No name oil cooler
    Cxracing intercooler
    Koni yellow struts with tein springs
    Jackson racing sway bars with racing beat endlinks
    1.8 brakes with slotted rotors
    4.10 torsen rear diff
    Oem hardtop
    Autokonexion carbon fiber trunk
    Hard dog roll bar and harness bar
    Nrg quick release hub and wheel
    no name racing seats
    Rjs racing equipment 6 point harnesses
    15x9 rota grid's with some cheap burner tire's but still have a lot of tread left

    I know I'm forgetting a lot and will update as I remember. Asking $4,000 obo
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    Damn nostalgia kicking hardcore right now, kind of considering buying it back.

    PM sent
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      Damn I miss my ak trunk.

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        Been wondering what happened to this thing. Nice to see it still surviving.


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          that's a deal for a turbo'd track day miata
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            I remember the dyno day when Jack and Casey brought this car in. At the time, it still had a 1.6, but was making 220 who, better than the FM turbo kit was claiming for a 1.6. With a good tune and that VVT engine, a reliable 250 rwhp should be no problem.
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              Oggles post, admires the excellent work done, dreams, remembers car account balance, sighs, closes laptop, gets packed for the day at Dragon Con....
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