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NA 'roller' shell, very nice

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  • [For Sale] NA 'roller' shell, very nice

    This isn't for everyone but I thought I would post here just in case someone is seeking something of this variety.

    What I have is a very nice, clean, straight, NA rolling shell, that is to say complete w/ all body panels etc (conv. top optional)
    The body has some minor aero mods, spoiler, rolled fenders all the way around, and a very nice looking paintjob.
    The interior is mostly there, seats will be needed.
    This would be perfect for V8 or other swap, sharp track car, or even as a clean shell to swap your 'guts' to.
    It could also be the basis of any other kind of NA build, VVT swap, turbo, K swap, etc etc etc
    I may be able to provide drive train parts or other various additional items depending on individual needs and budget.
    If you're looking for some 6-800 dollar shell bucket of dents and rust this is NOT it!

    Inquiries of serious interest only please to [email protected]

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    Year??? Have a customer looking specifically for a 94 I can send your way if it may be...


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      Originally posted by ScratchNSniff View Post
      a customer looking specifically for a 94
      That's odd, usually its NA or NB
      At any rate this one is an NA6 and a rather good looking car.


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        OBDII Exempt