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1994 Laguna Blue C Miata

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  • [For Sale] [NA] 1994 Laguna Blue C Miata

    I moved to Georgia Tech with my Fiancee and we're pairing down to a single car and a motorcycle (parking here is insane), so I'm selling the Miata. I bought her from Bill almost 2 years ago at 84,000 miles. She now has 103,000 miles.

    Oil changes were done with rotella t6 5w-40 and Napa Platinum filters (one was a gold). New timing belt, water pump, coolant hoses (except the small hose at the back head housing), heater hoses, radiator, several fasteners, CAS o-ring, valve cover gasket, spark plugs, wires, etc. I have receipts for everything, and photos of most of the work I've done. The clutch pilot, slave cylinder, and transmission fluid was recently replaced by Mike at Track-Minded Performance. He said the clutch appeared to be in fine condition. I'll assemble it all in a binder and give my digital spreadsheet to whoever buys it. I've gotten a consistent 27 mpg driving too (spreadsheet for that too). I replaced the tires last year with 185 width yokohama s-drives, and they have around 10,000 miles now.

    I have an offer for december at $5,000, and I'll put a craigslist ad up for $6,000. For you guys, because I know she'll be taken care of, I'm firm at $5,500. I'll have photos up tonight or tomorrow, and I'll detail her with a new round of photos in the next week or two. I would consider a trade for a motorcycle in the 600-900 range, preferably a standard/naked bike, plus cash. Just talk with me and we'll see.
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      These are a few photos from the most recent detailing. I will put up more when I have the car again (live in Midtown, car is parked in Canton).
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        After your original detailing job when you first bought it, the pictures just don't do the car justice
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          I'll be getting some better photos with sunlight when I clean it up again. I think I put up some interior photos on the craigslist ad last night. I will link it when I get home tonight.


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            I washed and clayed the car this weekend so you guys could get a good idea of the car right now. There are heaps of photos, so I put them on imgur instead of attaching them all here.

            Undercarriage/Engine Photos



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              For all who are interested, the car is still for sale.

              I have had exactly 2 people come and drive the car since august, both within the last week. I've lowered the price to $5300 on craigslist, and that's what I'm asking for any of you. If anyone else is interested, PM me. Since the original posting, I have installed a new slave cylinder and clutch pilot bearing.