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(GONE!) FREE: Soft top frame and driver's front fender

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  • [For Sale] [NA] (GONE!) FREE: Soft top frame and driver's front fender

    Parts are gone.

    Hey guys, I have two larger items I think could be of use to someone that I was originally going to throw out. I fried my MS3 and am using the downtime to clean the garage.

    The soft top frame is in good shape, but it has the original 1990 top on it. That's obviously junk. No latches either.

    The front fender appears to have 2 or 3 coats of paint and some botched spray repair where the top coat flaked off. May have been hit, but it looks mostly straight. Pic below.

    Each for sale for the incredibly high cost of one 6 pack of Hefeweizen. Local pickup only in Roswell (don't get greedy!!!)
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    Nobody wants free stuff? Going in the trash tonight!