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1999 NB part out

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  • [For Sale] [NB] 1999 NB part out

    I want this stuff out of my garage.
    Pick up only, I don't own a truck anymore. I'm in 30101.

    Body parts:
    Two doors (passenger and drivers) with tan door cards (glass, window regulators, and speakers work) - 100 ea
    Drivers side fender (has crease) - 50
    Passenger fender - 100
    Rear bumper - 100
    Trunk lid - 100
    Tail lights (rear and left) - 100

    Interior bits:
    Cluster hood - 20
    Nardi Steering wheel w. airbag - 40
    Drivers side tan seat has cracks but no holes - 40
    Passenger side tan seat - 60
    Tan glove box - 20
    Tan sills pair - 20
    Miata tan floor mat (needs to be sprayed down and washed) - 20
    Stock shift knob - 10
    Center console (hinge is broken) - 20

    Images of some of the stuff in this gallery:

    To contact me throw me a text at 77069631O6. I don't reply to calls and I'm usually busy with school or works so I don't get much time to check forums.

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    Text sent regarding the nardi wheel.
    Hope you like the *** end, its all you're gonna see!