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1991 Miata in Birmingham, AL.

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  • [For Sale] [NA] 1991 Miata in Birmingham, AL.

    This is about as pure and unadulterated as you can get in a sports car. It is an all original base model with:

    Manual steering
    Power brakes
    Roll up windows
    Functional A/C
    Old school original steel wheels

    The only non-original items are:

    New Clarion bluetooth stereo receiver and new speakers
    Second generation near-mint cloth seats (I have the originals with some bolster wear)
    Second generation near-mint glass window top

    I have rebuilt the shifter and it is like butter.

    In the last several thousand miles it has had all services done including new tires and the car needs nothing. There are no weird noises, no warning lights, no nothing. It runs and drives about as good as it did when it was new. The paint is clean and shiny, but it is a 27 year old car, so it is not a museum piece it and as such there are small tibits of patina, but you have to get up pretty close and inspect it to find them.

    This car is about as clean, original and well maintained as you will see in an early model NA Miata in this price range.

    The car has 163k miles on it and I am asking $3950 for it. You can find them cheaper, but they will more than likely need all of the stuff that this one has already had done to it and they more than likely won't be as nice and clean as this one. This would be a great one to preserve or to use as a blank slate for your own build.

    The only reason I am selling this car is because I just bought a 1995 model that is a better started car for my project and already has many of the modifications I was going to do to this car. So I'm selling this one so my wife can have her side of the garage back. However I would rather not give it away for some low offer. It's a fine car and if it comes to that, I'll just keep it for my son and give it to him when he graduates college as a present. That said...

    For the individual who pays my asking price with no haggling I will throw in the following carrots:

    A nice set of early model Miata aluminum vintage style wheels (Daisy's with center caps)
    A black tonneau for the convertible top when it's down
    A car cover
    The original seats
    A complete set of 4 OEM style new Sensen shocks still in the box.

    So bring a truck when you come to get it.

    Again, just like the hard top I am selling, I think this is a very fair price for a very nice Miata. I appreciate you taking the time to look at this post. two zero five - 613-1981

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    Sold elsewhere. Thanks!