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ISO: NB Go Fast Bits.

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  • [Wanted] ISO: NB Go Fast Bits.

    Just figured I’d post up here and see if anyone had what I was looking for before I go buy all new stuff!

    Coilovers: Was looking at purchasing V-Maxx, so anything comparable I’d be interested in. Would also consider a strut/spring setup if it was a good deal.

    Wheels and Tires: really want Advanti S1’s, but I’m open to anything for the right price.

    Roll Bar: I prefer the Hard dog Sport design, I don’t really trust the hoop style.

    Chassis Bracing: Interested in various chassis bracing to reduce my cowl shake. Strut Bars, Frame Rails, etc etc

    Just let me know if any of you have stuff lying around, trying to get the car setup before school starts late August.
    Thanks guys!


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    Matthew, I've got some 15x9 black S1s with good RC1 tires on them. PM me if interested. In Alpharetta.
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      I've got a nice NB1 M45 setup. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
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      1991 BRG #1332 2012-?


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        I will have a set of JiC Magic coilovers available soon. Actually, I'll likely have two sets available (don't ask), The CSP car has done well on them. Sometimes very well.

        They are in Boston, but I'm willing to ship. Oh, and I'll be parting out a whole CSP NA with some interesting stuff.