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Parts and tires for sale! and Pocketbikes!

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  • [For Sale] [NA] Parts and tires for sale! and Pocketbikes!

    I've got a few things I'm cleaning out from the garage, make me an offer.

    Stock 1.6 Miata ECU, make me an offer

    Mud Guards, I don't know if they are front or rear, make me an offer

    Full set of NB 5 Spokes with 205/50 15 Toyo RA1s with maybe a couple track days left, make me an offer

    Full set of 205/50/15 Toyo RA1s, you could still get quite a few track days out of these, make me an offer

    Supposedly not working 1.6 trans, make me an offer

    Ebay Springs/Sleeves, make me an offer

    Good condition rear NA bumper, painted orange, make me an offer

    47cc Pocketbike, just needs the carb cleaned, parts are cheap on ebay, I'd like $250, make me an offer

    A larger 49cc pocketbike, pullstarter broke off in the crank, so you need to crack the motor open and replace it...or...a new engine is like 50 bucks on ebay....I'd like $170, make me an offer

    Both pocket bikes have significantly more invested in them but I just don't care anymore, I need garage space.

    Tha Tha That's all folks!

    2001 Miata LS Instagram - @adi_stanescu

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    ECU Sold. Also, bump.

    2001 Miata LS Instagram - @adi_stanescu