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88 Mazda 323 GTX - Megasquirt

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  • [For Sale] 88 Mazda 323 GTX - Megasquirt

    I know this board has a soft spot for theses cars and we are only about 3-4 hours from Atlanta.

    My brother is selling his 323 GTX. his contact info: claytonDOTpannellATgmailDOTcom

    Originally posted by CPannell
    I got my miata back up and running a couple months ago and this guy hasn't been further than my neighborhood since. It's time to find it a new home.

    If you don't know these cars it's Mazda's 4WD Turbo Group A Rally Special. The first gen Miata took this drivetrain, slapped in a regular RWD tranny, lost the turbo, bumped the compression ratio, and threw it in the roadster chassis. It's the rarest car I've seen in person. 1250-ish brought to the states between 88 and 89. This has the sought-after digital dash.

    The VIN says it's a real GTX, the turbo is upgraded to some sort of small Garret OEM turbo (I'd have to pull it out to find the part numbers) running around 10psi. External wastegate, BOV, Megasquirt II (Solid street tune, but probably should be dyno tuned before racing), AEM failsafe Boost Gauge / Wideband O2 combo, K-Sport coil-overs, Original wheels but only 3/4 centercaps. Has FD RX-7 Front seats. The muffler is a chambered deal, but it is quiet. It has electronic boost control, but I didn't bother enabling it since I was happy with the power just on the wastegate.

    It's a Yankee car, but it's not rusted out, looks like it was garaged in the winter. I got it after one of the POs tried installing the megasquirt, but hacked the wiring. I redid the engine wiring from scratch using high strand count marine quality tinned wire (if you're a wiring nerd it's basically M22759/32 spec but with thick 125C rated SXL insulation instead of the thin 150C ETFE), abrasion resistant high-temp braided loom, and adhesive lined heatshrink used throughout.

    Now for the broken stuff:
    The water temp and boost gauges in the stock cluster are unhooked but work. Datalogs show everything is happy, so i didn't get around to it.
    The sunroof leaks in a hard rain. Someone tried to seal it with silicone, but apparently didn't do a good job.
    The sunroof handle is broken
    The car had AC and PS, but the compressor, pump, and mounts are gone. The PS lines are looped
    The stock radio sucks. It needs to be recapped or replaced. I got it going by replacing the obviously blown caps, but the right channel is extremely quiet. If a butterfly farts in brazil it works normally, but it's mostly quiet. The rear speakers are gone, but the wires are there. The front speakers are Polk Audio DB401s in the stock enclosures.
    The steering wheel is missing a chunk on the back side at 12o'clock.
    The fuel gauge works well for the first 1/3 tank and then nothing. It's a common problem on these cars.
    The driver's front tire has a slow leak (most likely valvestem)

    All said, it runs and drives great. I put about 5000 miles on it doing my 50mile roundtrip work commute.

    Album link:

    $3500. Clear title in hand. Will consider partial trades for other oddball 80s cars.
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    I saw that one posted in the group, and was wondering if it was from Alabama. I remember him posting about fixing it up on the protege board.

    Good luck with the sale. Wish I had room and cash, and I'd add another to my collection, but I think the wife would kill me.
    1988 323 GTX--- The toy now :D
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      Yea the car had 2 non megasquirt "enlightened" owners in Alabama before my brother go it.

      My brother is a Mechanical Engineer working as an Electrical Engineer for a company that makes aftermarket electronic ignition and other electrical products for the marine outboard motor world.


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        Very cool and a great "for sale" ad. Good luck!
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