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ND Hardtop - Jet Black Mica

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  • [For Sale] ND Hardtop - Jet Black Mica

    Considering selling the Hardtop from my 2016 Jet Black ND. This is the DG motorsports Hardtop. This is not a factory top like the NA/NB/NC. So no it is not perfect. However it does keep rain out and it does look good. Wind noise is cut down, however there is noise from wind on the sides where the top meets the back side of the doors. I'm sure it could be remedied. But it never really bothered me.

    If you're looking for a perfect top, this is not it and DG motorsports is not the company for you. These tops are originally made for racing. Not street cars.

    This top is painted jet black mica by a Mazda dealer collision center and its a perfect match to my jet black ND.

    Nonetheless, I think the top is great and I really like it on my car, however I am in the process of buying a house and I need the money to help with closing costs and other fees. If it doesn't sell, it's not really a big deal as I don't have to sell.

    Offering it at a great loss as as I paid $1750 shipped to my door, and then paid to get it worked on and painted.

    Price is $1600. Price is firm and non negotiable. Local pickup is in Stockbridge, Georgia 30281

    supposed to close on my house mid June. If the top has not sold by the time I close, it will no longer be available for sale.

    message me if interested. Thanks.


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    Looks amazing....Keep it! GLWS......


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      Originally posted by MARKS_NB View Post
      Looks amazing....Keep it! GLWS......
      Thank you! I really like it too. I close on this house on the 16th and the extra funds for the house would be nice. Part of me hopes it doesn't sell. But if it does, I'll get another in the future for sure.


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        Bump. Closing in a week! Get this top while it's still available, cause once I close its coming off the market