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1990 Crystal White NA $3500

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  • [For Sale] [NA] 1990 Crystal White NA $3500

    EDIT: The car is Crystal White, not Chaste White, sorry for the confusion.

    Hello all,
    I have a May '89 build date that I've had for two years that I would like to sell, it doesn't get driven enough as my '06 and I could use the money to rebuild my Cx7 motor anyway.

    I am third owner, 2nd owner i bought it from in Bham Alabama reported a motor rebuild less than 20k miles ago and as clean leak-free and hassle-free as it's been I believe him. Roof is vinyl and in great shape with no leaks, jackson racing intake and some after-market exhaust I haven't identified yet. Stainless steel brake lines and Racing Beat chassis brace and the overall look of the car say it's seen track use but I have no record of that but my plan was to throw a hard dog in it and take it to the track myself so hopefully that doesn't bother anybody. 245k 1.6L Long-Crank motor. Hector at RSpeed took a look at it for me when I first got it, love those guys.

    I have a ton of spare parts to go with it including a spare fender and trunk lid (they're in good shape on the car just need to be repainted) as well as an extra 5-spd manual transmission and original steering wheel w/ airbag. New Battery, New Brake Master Cylinder, new floor mats, probably a bunch more that I can't think of right now. Eclipse stereo CD-player with alpine speakers and headrest speakers that put my '06 to shame. Front bumper is a bit rough, Paul at Mazmart quoted me like $300 for a replacement but that's not urgent or anything. Hood is from a blue car and is sprayed white but isn't perfect. Have a flyin miata dual lift hood strut kit that I haven't installed yet also.

    Currently sitting on Black 15x7 Advanti Dst Storm wheels with 205/50r-15 Dunlop Direzza DZ102 tires that have about 500 miles on them that I got from about a year ago for about a grand. (Damn i really never drive this thing) but I also have a set of 14' Silver Konig wheels that the car came with that have decent tires on them too so I can separate wheels if you need the price brought down.
    Anyway come see me in Marietta/Woodstock/Kennesaw or i'll be happy to meet you somewhere. Probably gonna post on Craigslist but honestly it's a low-Vin early build and as much as it breaks my heart to see it go I would be slightly less heartbroken if a miata purist picked it up. Would probably make a good exocet, actually.

    I'm probably forgetting a few things but I'll update the post as I think of them.

    Call/Text/Email me through here if you have any questions. Thanks guys.
    Shannon- (205) 240-2607

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    2006 Marble White Mx-5 Miata Touring

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    I'm gonna be a pedant but it's not to be a smartass - it's to help your sale.

    Unless the car was completely repainted, it should be Crystal White. 90-93 was Crystal White, 94+ was Chaste White. They are actually slightly different colors, enough to notice when a panel is the wrong color. I'm only informing you because a potential buyer would need to know this information for color matching paint and new body panels (like the finish panel) or a hardtop or the like.

    Good luck with your sale!
    Chris and Lola


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      Thanks very much for the correction, I will edit my post accordingly. You are correct, it is Crystal White. My '06 is Marble White, my Rx8 was Crystal White Pearl Mica and I think the FD rx7 I almost bought once was Chaste White... hopefully that explains my confusion!

      2006 Marble White Mx-5 Miata Touring


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        Bump? Bump.
        2006 Marble White Mx-5 Miata Touring