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Toda cam gears and some pulleys for a 1.6

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  • [For Sale] [NA] Toda cam gears and some pulleys for a 1.6

    Noob here but unfortunately won't be able to make use of this stuff. I'm also in CA but shipping via USPS is no problem. I bought these for a 1.6 that I was going to swap into my MG but the X2B is taking me to the bank so trying to save the house plus gotta pay BOTH of our attorneys so here goes:

    Toda cam gears (no triggers), new - $250 shipped

    Garage Star alternator and water pump pulley set - look like these had been mounted but don't know if they were actually used. $80 shipped

    Unorthodox Racing crank pulley - used and for a short nose motor. $70 shipped

    Also have a light steel flywheel (possible ebay piece?) and an RX7 AFM that I'm trying to sell locally with the motor and transmission but may end up selling separately.

    Thanks for looking.
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